1. Family Files
    Information on over 3,200 Greenwood County families and individuals. The number continues to grow.

  2. Obituary Files
    Over 24,600 obituaries, taken from Greenwood County newspapers.

  3. Cemetery Files
    38 of 45 known cemeteries have been researched and filed. Others will be added as the work is completed.

  4. Marriage Records
    All Greenwood County marriages between 1856 and mid 1980's have been researched and compiled in one volume by members of the Historical Society.

  5. School Files
    Includes hundreds of pictures and assorted materials. (The courthouse retains most official records.)

  6. Mixed Files
    Includes county towns, churches, historic buildings and many other topics of note.

  7. Newspaper Files
    In addition to our microfilmed files, we have a complete set of the Herald, incomplete set of the Democratic Messenger, the Severyite, and an assortment of other short-lived county papers.

  8. Family Histories
    Over 100 families have donated histories written by members of the family.

  9. ​Newspaper Indexes
    Compiled by Historical Society member Bob Hodge, these indexes currently cover the following
    ​Greenwood County newspapers.

  10. Civil War GW Vets
    Museum researchers have compiled files on 800 GWC veterans. 


Historical Society

The Eureka Herald 1868-1908
Democratic Messenger 1884-1947
The Madison News 1879-1892
The Gould Pioneer (Severy), The Southern Kansas Journal The Severy Record 1883-1887
The Severyite 1889-1903
Fall River Echo 1884-1886
Kansas Advocate 1894-1895
Kansas AdvocateFall River AdvocateGreenwood County SunflowerFall River CitizenFall River News 1895-1900
Virgil Leader 1894-1897
  1. Map Files
    Aerial Photos, early county maps, plat books from 1903-1922 and 1887 maps of Kansas are available for use.

  2. Birth Records
    Some county births have been researched and compiled for years 1885-1889 by members of the Genealogical Society; also many births taken from Greenwood County newspapers are on file.

  3. Phone and City Directories
    Dating from 1905, these directories are an excellent research source.