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Do you remember what day of the week the 27th of July was in 1945?  What about the phone numbers for Newby Oil Company or Hazel’s Beauty Shop?  

A new display at the Greenwood County Historical Society Museum will help you answer these questions and others about businesses in Eureka and Greenwood County.

The new display showcases calendars, thermometers and other memorabilia that businesses in the county used to advertise their services.  These items go back as far as 1909 and up to the early 1960’s and have not been displayed in a number of years.

The museum is open Monday – Friday from 10am to 4pm. Come in and relive the past with this display, and explore the other things the museum has to offer.


Historical Society

Greenwood County Historical Society if displaying two quilts for the month of August.

The first quilt is a yo-yo pattern quilt that was made by an unknown Greenwood County quilter and purchased at an estate sale in 1982 by Hazel Russell.  Mrs. Russell donated it to the museum in 2018.  It is made from 1930’s fabrics.

The second quilt was done by members of the Fancy Mustangs 4H club in 2021 as a community service project.  It is done in 4 block squares using a square on square pattern.  Both girls and boys in the club worked to create the blocks.  These were then set together with the help of leaders and community members.

It was quilted by Susan Hagen, who used a star design to carry through the theme of the quilt.

The quilt was donated to the museum at the June 2021 board meeting.

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