The 54 Barns on Highway 54

At a meeting of the Creative Arts Club in Iola, Kansas, almost 40 years ago, June Wichman suggested doing a series of 54 barns visible from Highway 54.  These art works show scenes from along Highway 54 as it cuts through Bourbon, Allen, Woodson, Greenwood, and Butler counties.         

Barns as we remember them are vanishing.  Some barns have been destroyed by tornadic winds, others have simply given in to age and have fallen, and they are not being rebuilt.  The farm scene is changing and our nostalgic feelings for barns increase as the barns decrease in number.

Currently on display at the Greenwood County Historical Society Museum are the 54 artworks done by the group of 10 artists that met in Iola, Kansas, all those years ago.  The group of ten artists created works in pencil, pen and ink, watercolor, acrylic and oils.  These works are on display at the Greenwood County Historical Society Museum and include two barns from Greenwood County, one of which can be found on the Perkins farm east of Eureka.

The museum is open Monday through Friday from 10 – 4.  Come in and spend some time enjoying these scenes from the past, and all of our other displays.

Barns from Greenwood County included in the display of 54 Barns on Highway 54.


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